Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today is created an adapter for pluging fingers in electric sockets

Daktiloadapter (the adapter for fingers) «Vilkus» is developed specially for amateurs of connection of the electric system by own fingers.

Many people take pleasure in direct contact to electric networks of the common using. Usually for these purposes shaped fragments of not isolated wire, writing paper clips or even usual metal table plugs are used. All these adaptations are unreliable, short-lived and, that is important, are capable to cause short circuit, ignition of posting.
Apertures are comfortable even for large phalanxes, and are on convenient distance from each other

«Vilkus» in itself does not consume the electric power, therefore it(he) can be left connected to the socket up to a following session.

Amateurs to travel will appreciate deliveries entering into the complete set replaceable plugs — for the European and American sockets.

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