Friday, March 02, 2007

3D stereo display for mobile phone

This is a prototype of 3D stereo display for mobile phone which made by Neochroma.

Neochroma is a mobile phone attachment that puts a big screen into the palm of your hand.
The installed base of camera phones has reached 850 million in 2006.1.5 billion are predicted for 2010 (source: Lyra Research).
While billions of shots are taken every year, tiny screens limit camera phone usage.With Neochroma, a large and vibrant image can be enjoyed instantly.
Neochroma can be used for navigation applications as well.
It is stereoscopic (that is, it shows life-like 3D), and can be built very inexpensively.

from (Neochroma Vision A Digital Stereoscopic Viewer For The Photography And Mobile Markets)



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