Monday, December 18, 2006

The smallest mobile phone

BloodRabbit designs the concent of the smallest mobile phone.

This is my concept phone,
I made it after I got annoyed at all the useless features on my phone (last night).

This phone can only be used to call with, no sms, mms, camera or garage opener.

Im not sure if all the componnets needed can fit in my tiny phone, but hey its a concept modell.

Explaining the button system, hmm when you but your fingertip (tumb) in the grove on the 123 button,
you get 1 by manipulateing it to the left, 3 to the right and 2 by pressing the button down (if this dont explain it well enough I hope the picture will fill in the gaps.

the big silver button on top releases the spring loaded display to get called ID and to recieve you press it again while the display is out, to hang up a call you simply close the display by pushing it in (and loading the spring again).

The display is a lcd of the old calculator type whitout the reflective backing, so its seetrough.

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At 8:52 PM, Blogger Mobile Phones said...

In many ways this sounds like a great concept. I like the streamlining of the phone, and the fact that it looks fairly tough. So many phones out today have tons of features but are susceptible to all kinds of accidents. And really, if your phone is going to be mobile, isn’t it understood that it’s going to be out in the world where anything can happen to it? What would you say to the company that told you a cell phone that can’t access the internet or take pictures or play music or send texts just won’t sell? I mean, it could be that the rise in laptop use negates the need for all those things, but the trend does seem to be towards phones that integrate as many features as possible. The only other thing I might mention is that sometimes size is a curse as well as a blessing. Everyone I know, for instance, has misplaced his or her flash drive at one time or another.

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Mobile Phones said...

What would be the effect of making the unit just a bit squatter, and having the screen pop up lengthwise to the phone? This would allow you to include a roughly rectangular size screen, the length and width of the phone itself, that would be stored inside the phone until needed. Without making the phone much bigger, you could still be able to include functions such as a camera and internet connection. Of course, this may be contrary to what you have in mind as the phone’s purpose. I know that a lot of companies are beginning to market phones that DON’T include features like a phone since many places are beginning to ban mobile cameras. Courthouses, some military instillations, businesses that deal in proprietary products, all are very sensitive to the possibility that cameras can now be easily concealed in a cell. So stripping a phone down to essentials might actually be the wave of the future, if that’s what you’re going for.


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