Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How to create your own gadgets on the Google desktop?

With so many interesting features in a single desktop, Google pack’s Google desktop is a unique multitask software tool. It includes Sidebar and Deskbar that have all the items lined up in a row and a set of mini applications that tell you everything from time to weather. These are called as gadgets and are a specialty of Google desktop. The gadgets in this desktop are to be downloaded from the site. But Google pack also gives programmers an option to create their own gadgets. These people can also create plug ins for the gadgets. Developers can now integrate Google Desktop with their own applications.

Firstly you have to download the Google desktop SDK. There are different reasons why software developers might want to create their own gadgets. One of the reasons may be that it enables displaying of personalized content in one of the desktop gadgets. These gadgets can also help the customers become aware of any new event as and when they take place. Sometimes a gadget can be customized so as to respond to a customer’s action. This may include writing of mails etc. Another process in creating gadgets is the writing of indexing plug ins. This will help your clients to search better. These may include the any email application such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Eudora or Lotus. Web history from browsers like Aol, Opal, Mozilla firefox, Internet explorer etc is also included. IM applications e.g. MSN and Yahoo messenger and file formats like Wordperfect, iTunes, Staroffice etc are also a part of the plug ins. Software developers can add Google Desktop search box and search results, to the applications.

Software developers can use their creativity to make different useful gadgets and indexing plug ins. If your creation is chosen to be included the Google directory, it will be viewed by a number of Google users. And you will get a reward for this. It is a Google hat, a Google pen and Google Desktop Developer T-shirts. This offer is however valid only till the stock lasts. To help you tackle your problems there is a Google Desktop API discussion group. Here you may find answers to your solutions or interact with other users who might have faced similar problems. This group is occasionally supervised by the Google desktop team and the queries are accordingly answered. There is also an online documentation available for answering your doubts.

Google Desktop always accompanied by API. But what is the need for API? Around a million applications are used for Windows. And around a millions of file formats are used in this process. Software developers can write plug ins, which can help Google Desktop in indexing these many files and applications. API encourages creative gadgets that are unique in the type of data content and the way it is displayed. Software developers are allowed to have Google desktop embedded in their own applications. This increases the speed of data access to users.

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