Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Greatest Chinese Inventions and Remedies

Chinese are everywhere and they are invent almost everything. Here the list of some their invents.

Some of the greatest inventions in the world were by made by the Chinese. In the T'ang dynasty, fireworks were invented. These were originally for shows, but later on they used them to scare of enemies in war. The fireworks were mainly small bamboo cases filled with gunpowder, and a fuse was put on the side.

In the Han dynasty, they invented the wheelbarrow, which was for carrying loads too heavy for a normal person's back to support. The wheelbarrow was originally wood, so the Chinese nick named it the 'wooden ox'.

The compass was for religious use. When a new houses was being built, the used it to see if the house was faced in perfect harmony with nature (which meant they thought if you faced your house to magnetic north, you and nature would get along). The compass started out as a wooden circle with markings on it, and a magnetic spoon on top.

Designed with a machine called the Earthquake weathercock, which was a contraption that told them when and where an earthquake would come. This machine looked like a giant six-foot bronze pot that had dragon heads lining the top, and ivory frogs under each dragon.


The Chinese first manufactured the 'fan', which was mostly carried by women and soldiers. Most of the fans were made out of bamboo and silk. The fan was basically many bamboo spines sticking out in almost a half circle with silk wrapped around it.

First to create kites, which mostly children played with. The kites were most of the time silk squares, held together by bamboo.

Created many things with bamboo, which made a lot of baskets and holders and were really strong.

The Chinese were the first to discover iron casting around the sixth century, when they mixed tin and copper together.

Revolutionized agriculture by harnessing animals

made boats modern with magnetic compasses, sternpost rudders and watertight flamboyance, plus many other things to long to tell.

The first clock that they devised was for astronomical uses. In the first clock ever, there was a puppet that would hold up a plaque that would tell the time. They also invented giant water clocks, which rang every fifteen minutes.

The first blast furnace, which was water powered.

To Chinese, jade was more valuable then gold.

They invented the first object for counting, called an abacus.

The Chinese used a method of medicine called acupuncture

They were the first to discover the rudder

Processed grain with bamboo machinery

They made most toys, machines, houses, and other things from bamboo.

The Chinese also were the first to think of harvesting silk, and make clothes, fans, kites, toys, paper, and lots of other things from it.

They produced the first planetarium, which was actually made by an emperor. The planetarium was a big enclosed place with stars and constellations on the inside. The person using the planetarium would sit in a chair that was hanging from the top of the enclosed dome.

In the 3rd century, they a found a wine that acted like anesthetic, and they also used herbs before the age of written history



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